​​Senior Health and Education Pa​rtners

Community Partners

SHAE Partners offers communities the peace of mind that their residents will have the best medical care around. Clinicians will not rush through patient exams, in an attempt to see as many patients as possible, sacrificing quality of care for quantity of patients seen. Physicians and clinicians will be available for staff meetings and educational seminars, at no extra charge to the communities. In addition, at SHAE Partners, we welcome new ideas from community staff that could benefit the community and the patient. 

Patient Partners

At SHAE Partners we provide unparalleled mental health care, with a focus on excellence in clinical care.   All of our physicians have extensive clinical experience and partner with extender clinicians and psychotherapists to evaluate even the most complicated mental health issues. We recognize the importance of family member involvement and encourage this partnership as well.  Doctors are available 24 hours/day for consultation. 

Mental Health Professional Partnership 

Clinical Partners

At SHAE Partners, we strive to have the best clinicians in healthcare. We foster this partnership by having well trained clinicians, company paid CE, paid time off, and generous employee benefits. Our company philosophy includes the premise that a clinician that is happy coming to work everyday makes for a more focused, committed caregiver.

SHAE Partners  5306 NC Hwy 55, Suite 105  Durham, NC 27713 

Ph.  919-457-1517 ​  Fax  919-363-7697

5306 NC Hwy 55, Suite 105
Durham, NC 27713
Ph.  919-457-1517
​Fax  919-363-7697